No matter what the content of a film pertains to a company or product, the purpose of producing targets at images and selling. The team of Bundle assists its clients based on their targets of sales, marketing analysis, integration, coordinating strategy, and creative concepts of development; besides, Bundle shifts those available concepts to an empirical creative strategy, and furthermore initiates the execution process and plan. It enables clients to obtain concrete proposal and benefits with efficiency before film producing. The communicative plan can reach the highest efficiency and best Cost-Performance ratio on the application of resources.

Commercial films perhaps merely become one portion in clients’ commercial plan. Yet, roughness and delay of the produce procedure and quality defects all significantly affect credit and trust of a firm. What it caused the loss is beyond the cost of media investment. Bundle deals with each film case by case and equips with overall preparations and execution plan to satisfy clients’ needs with anticipations of being clients’ trustful partner.

Although targets and procedures of the produce vary, there are differences among those procedures. Nevertheless, it is the significant proposal of engaging purposes that clients’ financial investment ought to be reached to introduce a company or set up images of a firm with films/short films. Bundle, based on its targets, gets involved in the scopes of a company’s vision, history, framework, and culture aggressively and widely to be inharmonious with clients during the process of planning and produce to make clients satisfied.

The fashion of films on the Internet not only corresponds to the communicative trend of a digital age but simultaneously enables contending of all films. Thus, film planning and producing on the Internet seem to be more multiple and distinguished; it should be of more flexible notions and execution. Bundle takes opportunities of the younger context in this digital age. Bundle not merely provides innovating concepts on films but also uses the modern digital technique. Moreover, contrary to the cost of commercial film producing, Bundle offers the most appropriate cost to produce digital films with quality and quantity, as meeting clients’ needs.