Our service

Marketing: Diversified and detail-oriented communication

Bundle Film Production is a production firm full of strategic and creative logic thinking. With years of practical experience in marketing, we help our clients design communication strategy, make advertising plans, and develop creative ideas and appeals.

Communication: Versatile content production

Bundle Film Production, adept at team work, dexterously manage cooperating sectors and backup resources. We deliberately plan all upfront work and carefully execute every production procedure to help our clients create versatile media contents with the most advanced equipments and techniques.

Production: Professionals with strong operational capability

Bundle Production Film has multiple in-house production teams. We cooperate with dozens of renowned domestic/international producers, each specialized in different professional domains. Based on each client’s marketing and communication requirements, we provide the most disciplined and favorable workflow for different customers and products. We offer the best service and contents while at the same time tightly control production budget to save money for our clients.

Our Works